About Our Classes

…we are passionate about coding, so buzz if you must. Do you know ‘buzzcoding’ is part of a social purpose venture? We enable pupils (girls-1st Cohorts) as young as 11 years to learn digital coding. Now that is young, or is it? So, you see, the age is just right for modern digitalisation and future sustainability. A great number of innovation are data-driven and we can coach basic coding, the fun way.

Our aim includes provision of coding sessions with our trusted partners on and offline.  We can only do so much, and with your help, we can achieve even more. 

We conducted coaching sessions online as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. These sessions are now online and in-person, until further notice. Our social purpose focuses on empowering girls and young women, but mums can join in the fun too. A weekly session online for the duration of the summer holiday goes a long way, even for beginners.

Our basic sessions will provide a gateway into the world of digital coding and connecting young people and communities to the technology industry. They will practice and engage in a range of inspirational and high-quality coding sessions, both basic and intermediate. We welcome sponsorship or placement collaboration for the young pupils, because, they are worth it. 

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What we do

Extracurricular programmes

We run extracurricular programmes to highlight STEM careers and role models in the field, increasing aspiration amongst young people.

Learning how to code. It is your right.

We do this by teaching introduction to code as well as intermediate. Instructors are established professionals in the field and have studied or are completing their studies at the top universities in the world.

Developing skills and experiences

We develop soft skills, and confidence in young people via coding sessions, industry days/talks, and exposure to the field of STEM.


For young people in our program between the ages of 17–18 years, we connect them to professionals in the industry via e-mentoring.


Support with their CVs (17–18 years) and if appropriate work shadowing/internships in the industry.


About qualifications (17–18 years) that suit their interests and goals.