B. Oliseneku 

This article highlights the burden and deep wounds caused by racial injustice. In the dialogue of one race, its understanding, and overall acceptance can be overwhelming for many. This is a disease involving systemic discrimination, against the cultural group of African origin; who are labelled as the ‘black’ human race. The intricate aspects affected are the physical body, soul, spirit, mind, and the compounded impact, on mental health. The blatant attitudes of certain global leaders are outstanding. It continues to take its toll, with failings and exposure to systemic bias, at its very core. The public knows why, destructive policies, have been shrewdly enforced and in place for centuries. The nuance of decimation (in this context, gutting of the truth) and controlled dissemination of information, is a sanctioned practice.

The Western authority, and higher educational institutions, have peddled less than facts (propaganda). What it entails, on the one hand, includes, robbing Peter, on the other, to pay Paul. It is now a full circle and these stances can not continue; the injustice must end. Actions begot reactions and so on.


Race and Colours by Dr. Jose Pimienta Bay (AMEXEM)

Human race

The cultural difference, between humankind, has been defined as multi-races of black, white, and other. Humanity is at the pinnacle of a very pivotal moment, and it is vital to acknowledge a race of one, not black, white, brown, pink nor yellow. So, if viewing humanity in the context of how the Western civilization has long defined people, who identify as white, as superior; as supposed to, blacks as inferior.Read More


Elephants – one of African beauty

The overall purpose of this article is to put in motion how mankind can learn, from past mistakes and plan, develop, and implement a better approach to living in harmony. It isn’t a means to name and shame individuals or groups. Agreed?

The African culture is amazing and intricately diverse in all its differences, making it unique and, most especially, beautiful beyond imagination. This is contrary to the media portrayal of Africa as a dark continent or black, denoting the bad and the opposite of white. I am especially tired of the burden of fear that is being projected on people of African origin. The nuances (even excuses) and perceived ignorant of those that are claiming to be unaware is a calculated crime against humanity.

Though, the case of colonization of the African continent carried out by the long-gone ancestors of the Europeans or Americans; is continually unfolding and impacting on modern-day society. Further, the same descendants of these European and American ancestors, are virtually pillaging the continent. The Chinese government, and its people, are mimicking these aggressive behaviours, to the detriment of mankind. Time shall tell, whether the world takes heed and re-evaluate their actions or lack thereof. In conclusion, there is just one race of humankind and classification of black, white, and other colours is not the way forward. Change is needed and we want it now!

Race activist

Jane Elliott, an American, a race activist (educating the public; specifically, the white race) 


The author is the co-founder of Amaizonia, a food tech and a parent company of BuzzCoding. (By B. Oliseneku – STEM Ambassador, June 2020)