Our Mission

… giving girls and young women the confidence to aspire to careers in technology and the opportunity to learn digital coding, one code at a time”. Women are under-represented in the UK in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) industry, just 23% in general. Furthermore, girls from disadvantage background are facing severe challenges. These include a lack of inspirational role models, lack of uptake of STEM subjects to an advanced level, limitation of exposure to digital coding and machine learning. Many are in alternative education or ‘not in employment, education or training (NEETs) and often, they are in the lower-income family brackets. With your support, we can give them the desired future and a competitive opportunity in the labour market.

We engage disadvantaged girls and young women in digital language, coding. Exposing them to STEM careers, building interpersonal skills and preparing them for a competitive job industry. Having identified disadvantaged women in many spectrums of industry, Bridget then founded ‘BuzzCode’.

If you would like to help girls code but don’t have the financial opportunity, you could donate space for our annual events, become a volunteer, participate in events or start/join in a fundraiser. Read more on how you could help here. Learn More

Let’s equip girls and young women for a better future, 
because they are worth it

“…although some gave up on hope, a commodity most desired by all, for fortitude. The currency for hope is unequivocally a support system; whether personal, spiritual, financial or otherwise. It is our goal that girls and women in general, are fulfilled; having achieved their set goals”. – Bridget Oliseneku 2020

Why girls need our help

1 Marginalization
Inequality has created disadvantaged women and girls. Often women have a degree of insecurity, leading to uncertainties in life. Unassertiveness and low self-esteem can lead to a number of issues, even, unsocial behaviour. These could impact on academic performance, leading to exclusion. Others are cultural and gender bias. Although there is remarkable progress in the provision of standard education in the UK, times are changing.

2 Excluded

Embracing digital learning is all the buzz, currently and for future aspiration. Give girls and the young women the opportunity to explore more digital knowledge in a safe and secure platform. Support the course and help tutors to provide high-quality extra-curriculum learning.

Did you know that girls as young as aged 5–12 years are out of school due to exclusion? Of this, disadvantaged black, Asian, and minority ethnic (BAME) are disproportionately over-represented. The narrative must change for a fairer society. We can direct these group’s attention to coding and fun learning. We believe early childhood technological education is essential and can be fun. 

What are the Key barriers to enrolment and attendance to extra curriculum sessions? We have identified some as, poverty, social exclusion, disability, social norms, cultural and gender bias.

3 Male-dominated technology industry
There is a need for fair distribution of knowledge, leading to competitive industry roles, achieved on merits. Only just about 23% of people working in STEM roles are female, in the UK. Of this figure, BAME are disproportionately under-represented. Women and girls are suffering inequality across the board, on salaries, gender, age and STEM roles are not exempted.

Giving girls and young women, the opportunity to empower them in modern career roles is a step towards achieving their goals. According to 2011, UK government census, women represent 51% of the population and 53% in BAME community. Yet, these group of women are further underrepresented in STEM. So, it is a fact that some often engage in ‘dead-end’ jobs, to make ends meet.

Support Our coders


To engage young people can be rewarding, equally, to fully understand the concept of giving up your time to future leaders, is truly a blessing. 

So, we are grateful and saying thank you! Empowering future leaders could boost their career and yours. Help us to teach our aspiring coders.


 Take part in creating a better future for disadvantaged girls

The current fee of £99 is nominal. We also have a concession for £9/month and further support for children getting free school meals.
We highly recommend parents to support pupils and raise their standards in the job market. Coding at its core! Every support makes a difference, so donate here if you feel compelled to support pupils. You will be directed to an external site.

Thank you.