STEM careers: Turning the tide around on gender inequality

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By B. Oliseneku (STEM Ambassador) 

This article explores gender inequality, specifically, women in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). To understand how it highlights gender inequality in women’s careers goes beyond the pay gap or the lack of promotion and a minority of women in the boardroom in various corporations. Statistics confirm the paradigm in the labour market, but are industry leaders willing to turn the tide around for good? To reflect diversity in gender and equality in career prospects for women, to represent a standard culture of inclusion. It is the duty of the government, industry leaders and policymakers to change the tide. Once the process has been demonstrated, others will follow suit. Here are some suggestions to tackle gender inequality in the labour market, but not limited to them. The following are recommendations to undo the injustices in the labour market on gender inequality, but not limited to them.Read More



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More Men Majoring in STEM is No Coincident

The researchers also reviewed the data for students who did not intend to major in PECS fields, but later decided to. They found that the lowest-achieving male student was at least as likely to join one of these majors as the highest-achieving female student.Read More

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By Bridget Oliseneku – STEM Ambassador, June 2020
The author is the STEM Ambassador and the co-founder of Amaizonia, a parent company of BuzzCoding.