Jeni, stem professional


Hi, my name is Jeni, I currently work as Laboratory Quality Manager for a Molecular Genetics Research Laboratory. I have a B.Sc. (Hons) in Biomedical Sciences and an M.Sc. in Health Policy. My career took off immediately after completing my first degree, and since then I have worked in various Pathology Labs within the NHS, as well as private organizations. I decided to pursue a career in biological science because I am quite passionate about Healthcare and Research.


It’s been 8 years since I started this profession which has been a very interesting and rewarding career journey.  Working for the NHS allowed me to appreciate the NHS and the service it provides in our community. I became even more passionate about Healthcare in general and after learning about the numerous challenges Healthcare Organizations, such as the NHS are facing. This led me to study for an M.Sc. in Health Policy. A career in Healthcare allows you to apply your skills and expertise in making a difference in someone’s life.


My advice, to anyone considering pursuing a career in Biomedical Sciences, is to make sure you shadow or take on work experience in your local NHS or research laboratory. This will give you a feel for the role and help you determine if it’s for you or not. Apply to universities that offer the full accredited course. During your studies, secure an industrial placement if you can, to give you a head start.  If you plan to work in a hospital pathology lab, get your IBMs registration portfolio completed. All these are some of the things that will give you an edge and are things that employers do look for.


The biggest personal challenge in my career journey has been managing relationships, with other colleagues. However, with time this has improved. In a work environment, there are people with different personality traits. It is important to learn how to work with everyone professionally. I have also worked in organizations where I have been the only person of colour (POC) female; to some people, this can be quite intimidating.  My advice to anyone in this situation is to own your space, be yourself, enjoy your job, be confident and don’t be afraid to speak up if you need to.


To anyone reading this; whatever career role you choose, choose something you will enjoy doing every day,  always strive to be a person of value in your organization, offer solutions, put yourself forward for outstanding tasks, and make sure you are prioritizing the organization’s priority. These are some of the things that could lead to your promotion. Lastly, I wish you all the success in your career journey.