KITTY HO, stem professional


My Current Role

I am currently a Programme Manager in the Construction sector. In short, my role is to make sure a group of projects are delivered to the agreed target, cost, and quality whilst meeting the agreed objectives and benefits. This is achieved through setting governance and controls in place for successful delivery.


How I Got Here

Growing up, I never considered working in the construction sector, because it was never presented as an option or suggested to me at home, or in school. I got into the industry by chance after I secured a short-term contract role, in a utility company. When I first started, I had little knowledge of utilities or construction; so I gained skills through different roles that I worked in, over the years. Learning on the job from conversations, asking colleagues, and training. Subsequently, I was made aware of certain roles in this industry that contribute to successful project delivery. There are quantity surveyors, building surveyors, project managers, health & safety consultants, engineers, environmental advisors, to name a few. You’ll be surprised at the range of roles and areas you can get involved in.


My Tip:

These are what got me to where I am today – be persistent and keep reaching for what you want to achieve. There will inevitably be setbacks, but learn from them and use that to take a step back and think of alternative options or solutions and come back stronger. Most importantly, believe in yourself and make the most of every opportunity you’re given, even if in the beginning it may seem tedious, in hindsight you’ll understand its benefits.