B. Oliseneku, stem professional


Bridget is the co-founder of Amaizonia, while Buzzcoding is the education, training and mentoring arm of the organization. She has a master’s degree in integrated care management. At Amaizonia, she promotes coding languages for the underrepresented gender in STEM. And #NO-CODE for the non-techie. Amaizonia is an inclusive and diversified organization.

Her role in the healthcare sector span over two decades in midwifery and education. She is currently a STEM Ambassador and an avid digital language coder, all self-taught. The theory is that underrepresented gender in technology can benefit more from the service of Buzzcoding. It is hoped that they will be able to chart their career pathways, more succinctly.


The opportunistic career switch from the health sector to digital technology was daunting, but a good choice. In this new role and industry, she has the opportunity to create and develop websites,  together with front and back-end digital development and is currently keen to explore cybernetic security.


The journey of setting up Amaizonia was challenging, while the “Brexit and pandemic” compounded the process, leading to stressful experiences. One thing is certain, stress is disruptive. This can be the catalyst to success if managed appropriately. There is a need for an innovative mindset, which is crucial in business. One can use challenges positively as a learning opportunity and apply them appropriately. 


Suffice to mention that lessons were learnt, ultimately strategic outlook is vital and could greatly reduce some risk. However, risk management is essential to disperse inevitable circumstances beyond one’s control. So, be prepared to apply a positive mindset to deal with the good, the bad and the not so good, at all times.