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Who is Mentoring for?

Do you want to move your career towards your desired role? Then explore our mentoring opportunity. Our 6 – 12 months 1:1 mentoring program connects youths early in their career endeavours with little or no experience with professionals from all backgrounds, in technical and non-technical roles. By being matched with a mentor, a mentee will have the opportunity to gain a positive experience with a role model; who will be able to help and guide the mentee to reach their desired potential.

What does a Mentoring Relationship look like?

A mentoring relationship has the potential to offer reciprocal benefits, by being willing to invest their time in supporting and developing future generations. The concept of giving back to others to make a positive difference in a young person’s life is a key motivation. Together with what the mentor could gain developing their leadership style, exposed to fresh perspectives, ideas and approaches.

To become a mentor, professionals with relevant experience in their sector are eligible. We will provide support with training and mentoring sessions  The mentoring role will commence after the training and DBS check. Mentoring exchanges (e-mentoring) can be done at your convenience.

What are the Commitments we want from Mentees & Mentors?

This programme will last for 6 – 12 months. We expect commitments between 1 and 4 hours per month, this is inclusive of any support you might render to your mentee. Timings are flexible, according to the support needs of the mentee. We expect mentors and mentees to respond to messages to one another via our exchange platform within 48 hours.

Mentors Sign-up here.
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We’ll contact the mentor with the details on how they can become a mentor.

Who Will I Be Mentoring?

Mentees are young people aged17 – 24 years from inner London at the early stages of their career, job seeking or considering entry into Further Education or self-employment. They are aspiring to work in STEM or non-technical roles. We will match the mentee with a mentor based on individual motivation, goals and experience.

They are keen to be mentored by industry professionals! 

What’s The Next Step?

After registration, applications will be screened, and you will be invited to a briefing and training session. Following this, DBS checks will be completed and matching of mentor to mentee will take place. You’ll be informed once we have a suitable match. Our planned start date for the mentoring programme is on mid – August 2021.

Register to be considered.

Any questions regarding the mentoring programme, please contact The Office