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Women in STEM: Breaking Barriers for Women to Better Shape the Future

Women in STEM: Author by: Bridget Oliseneku Breaking Barriers for Women to Better Shape the Future Image: Free Source – Generated for – INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY (8TH MARCH 2024) Hey, with the world changing at an unprecedented pace, do you ever wonder if women can excel in STEM careers and play a crucial role in […]

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OpenAI’s SORA: Text-to-Video Synthesis Model

OpenAI’s SORA Author by: B. Johnson Oliseneku A New Frontier of Artificial Intelligence: Text-to-Video Synthesis Model and Its Potential Applications, Challenges, and Ethical Considerations Youtube image by -Jia-BinHuang SORA – SAMA’s SORA is a ground-breaking text-to-video synthesis model. This article explores its potential applications, challenges, and ethical considerations. The development of text-to-video models has been […]


Women’s Education in STEM Is Vital

Women’s Education in STEM Fields Is Vital Image Source:Unsplash – Christina @ In this blog post, we will explore the importance of women in STEM education and the positive impact it can have on individuals, communities, and the world generally. Human beings are undeniably dependent on women in countless ways. From nurturing and raising […]