STEM: “Tech Career Is A Contentious Reality For Many Women”

STEM careers: Turning the tide around on gender inequality Source: Pixabay Royalty Free By B. Oliseneku (STEM Ambassador)  This article explores gender inequality, specifically, women in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). To understand how it highlights gender inequality in women’s careers goes beyond the pay gap or the lack of promotion and a minority […]

One Race

“One Race: Did Complacency Dehumanize People Of Colour ”

HUMANITY AND CULTURAL DIFFERENCES   B. Oliseneku  This article highlights the burden and deep wounds caused by racial injustice. In the dialogue of one race, its understanding, and overall acceptance can be overwhelming for many. This is a disease involving systemic discrimination, against the cultural group of African origin; who are labelled as the ‘black’ […]